Victron Connect: The key to efficient energy management in mobile chicken houses KROPPER

At a time of increasing environmental awareness and the quest for energy independence, photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly popular. KROPPER’s mobile poultry houses, equipped with photovoltaic panels, are an innovative solution that allows farmers to manage their energy efficiently. Thanks to the Victron Connect app, controlling and monitoring these systems is extremely easy.

What is Victron Connect?

Victron Connect is a comprehensive software solution developed by Victron Energy that enables the monitoring, configuration and control of Victron Energy systems. It is the ideal tool for owners of mobile KROPPER poultry houses equipped with a photovoltaic system. It makes it possible to utilise the full potential of solar energy – and that is crucial if you want your mobile poultry house to be mobile in more than just name!

Main features of Victron Connect in KROPPER mobile poultry houses

  1. Real-time monitoring: Victron Connect allows you to monitor the status of the solar panels and batteries in the KROPPER poultry houses in real time. The app provides detailed information on energy production, battery charge status and current energy consumption, allowing you to optimise the management of your system.
  2. Intuitive configuration: The configuration of Victron Energy devices is simple and intuitive. Victron Connect makes it easy to set charging parameters and operating modes, which is particularly useful in mobile poultry houses that may require different settings depending on location and weather conditions.
  3. Quick access to information on your phone: you can download the app to your phone for free and connect to the device in your poultry house via Bluetooth.

The app provides information about the charging cycles, energy consumption and the “state of health” of the batteries. With this data, it is possible to optimise the charging and discharging process and, above all, to protect the batteries from deep discharge, which occurs very frequently in autumn and winter.

Possible problems are quickly recognised by the warnings that appear when the app is opened, so that faults/failures can be detected and rectified almost immediately.

Increase energy independence

With Victron Connect, you can easily monitor your energy consumption and adjust the operation of the system according to your needs, which is particularly important in mobile KROPPER poultry houses that are often moved to different locations. The app helps you to better manage your energy storage, which increases energy independence and reduces dependence on external power sources.

The ability to change the degree of tilt of the photovoltaic panels can further help with this.

Adjusting the tilt angle of the photovoltaic panels is key to maximising their efficiency. In the KROPPER mobile poultry houses, the degree of tilt of the panels can be adjusted, as well as the direction in which they are to be directed, allowing for optimal positioning depending on the season and the angle of the sun. And with the app, this becomes really easy, as you can see whether the positioning of the panels is appropriate on your phone screen!

How do you change the degree of tilt of the panels?

It’s really easy! Once the direction in which the panel is to be positioned has been decided, its degree of tilt must be set immediately. This can be in the 0 position (the panel flat on the roof) or the degree of tilt can be adjusted infinitely from 27 to a maximum of 49 degrees. To use this function, install the two included adjustable supports, securing them with a pin.

The Vitctron Connect mobile app and the photovoltaic system in KROPPER poultry houses are the key to the independence and mobility of these machines.

Victron Connect is an invaluable tool for anyone using photovoltaic and battery systems. With its advanced monitoring and configuration features, this app enables the full potential of solar energy to be realised.