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We will personally come to you, unload, start and explain how it works.

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Reference farm

One of the farms that became the owner of the first Eko 100 model produced by us is eager to share their experiences with the mobile coop. They are willing to tell you about its functionalities and even allow you to see it live during regular, daily use!

Feel free to contact for more information about this farm!

We are a Polish manufacturer of KROPPER mobile hen houses. The project was developed by our young, ambitious team in cooperation with experienced engineers. Thanks to this, each of our henhouses is made with the utmost care and attention to details, there are no random elements in it. Functionality and practicality are the keywords that we were guided by when creating this project.

The KROPPER mobile hen house is designed for 225 organic hens or 340 free-range hens.

Its construction enables hens to move to other parts of the meadow, which has a positive effect on diversifying their food. In addition, changing the place of the henhouse gives you the opportunity to renew the pasture.

Having our mobile hen house will provide you with:

  • An additional source of income
  • A great time saving
  • Advertising of your farm

When deciding to buy a KROPPER mobile henhouse, you do not need to have:

  • A strong, large tractor
  • A large, even meadow
  • Employees

New! Model Eko 100

The mobile chicken house was designed for up to 160 free-range hens or 106 organic hens.

Complete, ready-to-use, two-level mobile poultry house Eko 100, equipped among others with:

• modern touch screen
• spelt nests with automatic opening
• automatic flap leading to chicken run
• external flap for egg collection
• manure belt on the upper and lower level

Simple, manoeuvrable, and functional, suitable both for the development of laying hen management and for its start-up.

Available models

Eko 225

Auto-Feeder 225

Our two models Eko 225 and Auto-Feeder 225 with automatic feeding system can be additionally equipped with a protective net over the run.



The henhouse is equipped with a droplet system. This is the most effective solution.

Feed tanks

The feed tanks in the poultry house have a large capacity and need to be refilled about every two weeks.

LED lighting

It is an automatic system that we can personalize and it has a twilight sensor,

Solar system

Two solar panels supply all electrical appliances with energy. It is not necessary to permanently connect the poultry house to the network.

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Our mobile henhouse can be used all year round.